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Embrace the beauty of hand designed, the rarity of hand carved and the perpetuity of a brand that celebrates tradition and culture in its product display. The origins of the Glazze brand come from Istanbul, with Turkey’s rich culture of artisan crafting being a catalyst for its growth. A penchant for the finer things in life introduced the iconic glassware to a world of effortless design and endless opportunity. Luxury artisan glassware is at its best behavior at Glazze design headquarters. Featuring stemware, barware, servingware and the gifting of high end glassware, our collections portray different angles with a unified vision of unmatched beauty.

The stories of Glazze span decades of cultural art. They embrace the engagements, births, Holiday parties and dinners with practical sizes and unique designs. Hand designing each glass is an arduous task which involves circular motions and talent. Curated art is defined by passion. Attention to detail and appreciation of the multi faceted angles lend truth to the mission at Glazze and we focus our mission on family, because that’s a union worth celebrating.

Glazze’s collections feature imported bohemian crystal with real craftsmanship and a love of hosting. Our promise lies in every collection and is echoed by the millions of clinking glassware across the globe. It’s an infinite display of luxury and finesse, a definition which far outlives the life cycle of a given glass.

We promise joy. You make that promise real.


Every Glazze product is crafted with exclusive crystal moulds and artisan work. We go to great lengths to use only the highest quality 24 kt gold and platinum plating. Handle with care and use caution when washing.

● Glazze crystals are NOT dishwasher safe.
● Glazze crystals are NOT microwave or oven safe.
● Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent.
● Avoid abrasives at all times.
● Wipe dry.
● Caution: Keep products away from children, since glassware may crack and cause injuries.
● Made in Turkey.