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Atlanta has captured our hearts in the form of barely there for any occasion or venue.  We like the simple lines and endless possibilities when choosing this limitless collection for partyware. Your tablescape may lend hues of royal blues or dominant reds. You may even opt for a bridal silhouette of pure whites, but whatever the design may be centered at, Atlanta will shine. The life of every party, its sleek presentation never detracts from the focal attraction, yet it delicately complements every design venue. Clinking a toast or sipping a hot tea, attention to detail is pinpointed in even a miniscule teacup. Notice the jagged edges of the gold footbed, pointing noticeably upward and lending a touch of color as a backdrop of attraction. Marvel at the cleverly rounded handlebar in the very same gold presentation as you prepare to be dazzled and dined.

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Atlanta Champagne Glasses, 24K Gold, Set of 6

Opulent and fine-cut, this luxe 24K gold crystal Atlanta collection is designed with striking simplicity. A twinkling golden base lends a memorable sparkle and shine to this elegant set of Glazze champagne flutes.

Atlanta Pitcher, 24K Gold


Atlanta Red Wine Glasses,24K Gold, Set of 6

The Atlanta 24K Gold Collection is contemporary in design and features an opulently radiant stem, a clear, delicate bowl, deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile.