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Elite Platinum

With Elite, you get signature style and no fuss simplicity. Unlike other complex designs and facets, the ridges are vertical indentations and the orientation precision like. With Elite, you just can’t get enough. Suffice it to say that Elite die hards are fans of entertaining and focus on plentiful tableware with minimalist lines. A dual stripe of platinum encases the final design and its pattern is iconic of the namesake it represents. Even a table set for 24 will portray finesse in its display without overcrowding the setup. From the silver ball insertions which align the simplistic pattern within each glass, the elitist in you will be your greatest source of temptation.

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Elite Champagne Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

Also known as a champagne flute, the standard champagne glass will fill up to 7 oz in sparkling drinks. For your bubbly, the narrow and elongated glass makes sparkling wine and the occasional beer taste elegant. Great for events and parties.

Elite Liqueur Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

Rather diminutive in size, the liquor glass is like the mini of elegant glassware. Also known as a shot glass, the liquor glass will fill up to 2 oz in distilled spirits. Like its name represents, the liquor glass is made for single shot servings. Whether on a mini pedestal or as a mini whiskey glass, the liquor glass is best when served as a set.

Elite Red Wine Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

For a full bodied Cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll want a red wine glass. Red wine glasses, also referred to as wine goblets, are slightly larger and the liquid volume it holds is higher than most white wine glasses. Red wine glasses are wider to accommodate the aromas of what you would call the Reds. On a pedestal surface, red wine glasses feature 10 oz and up in liquid capacity. Great for most wines and spirits.

Elite Soft Drink Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

These glasses are practical and an elongated version of the classic whiskey glass. Tall, straight sides are for sturdy functionality. Water glasses feature 10 oz in liquid capacity and are great as standard drinking glasses or drink mix containers. Great for multi purpose, everyday use.