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24K Gold Red Wine Glasses, Set of 6

Vintage Collection 8"H 11 oz

Atlanta Red Wine Glasses,24K Gold, Set of 6

The Atlanta 24K Gold Collection is contemporary in design and features an opulently radiant stem, a clear, delicate bowl, deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile.

Prestige Red Wine Glasses,24K Gold, Set of 6

A timeless set of Glazze wine glasses, the Prestige Collection is characterized by subtle, ornate patterns, featuring intersecting studded cuts, framed by 24K gold and a slimmer more refined stem. Raise a stylish toast with glasses that feature the best of Glazze’s luxury design.

Prestige Red Wine Glasses,24K Platinum, Set of 6

Glazze Prestige wine glasses combine the brilliance and clarity of crystal glassware with a cool, contemporary 24K platinum infused design. A bold yet elegant way to serve light and medium-bodied red or white wine.

Red Wine Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

Romance Collection 9"H    10 OZ

Red Wine Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

Atlanta Collection 9"H 10 oz