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24K Platinum Wine Decanter

Romance Collection 14"H 47 OZ

ALYA Whiskey Decanter, 24K Gold

Glazze’s Alya Collection combines vibrant colors and detailed patterns inspired by romance and love to create a whimsical decanter. Bordered and topped with 24K gold that has a memorably reflective luster, this decanter will be the statement piece of your event.

Appalachia Whiskey Decanter, 24K Gold

A modern reinvention of a classic decanter; characterized by radiant fine crystal. The Appalachia Gold Collection combines the contemporary styling and signature brilliance of the traditional decanter form with lavish 24K gold banded accents that create an opulent statement.

Atlanta Wine decanter, 24K Gold

The Atlanta Decanter features a 24K gold crowned baseline leading into sculpted lines that create an innovative and fresh way to look at crystal glassware design. Also featuring a 24K gold banded neck and stopper, the Atlanta Decanter perfectly embodies the 34 years of history and craftsmanship behind Glazze.

Atlanta Wine Decanter, 24K Platinum

A 24K platinum banded neck and stopper is the start of what sets the Atlanta apart. Between the sculpted geometric teardrop patterns and the sparkling, luxury crystal, this decanter will accentuate the hues of its contents and elevate any event.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter, 24K Gold

Romance Collection 11"H 41 OZ

Prestige Whiskey Decanter, 24K Platinum

The Platinum Prestige crystal decanter is machine blown and designed with facets that beautifully catch and reflect the light. Intricate intersecting diamond cuts framed by 24K platinum banded stopper and studded detail work accentuate the brilliant clarity of fine crystal, design and your favorite scotch or whiskey.

Prestige Wine Decanter, 24K Gold

This opulently shaped, high-quality crystal glass wine decanter gives an elegant and appealing presentation with its intricate, diamond-like detailing that adds both visual intrigue and a unique texture. 24K gold accents further elevate any decor.

Vintage Wine Decanter, 24K Platinum

Sleek and elegant, the Vintage collection wine decanter invokes the free-flowing dynamics of dance and movement with sweeping curvilinear ribbons painted with 24K lustrous platinum that contrasts with the radiantly clear crystal glass. 14"H 47 OZ

Whiskey Decanter, 24K Platinum

11"H 41 oz luxury crystal