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24K Gold Champagne Glasses, Set of 6

Vintage Collection 8"H 7 OZ

24K Gold Crystal Champagne Glasses, Set of 6

Romance Collection 10"H    7 OZ

24K Gold Red Wine Glasses, Set of 6

Vintage Collection 8"H 11 oz

24K Platinum Champagne Glasses, Set of 6

Romance Collection 10"H   7 OZ

24K Platinum Champagne Glasses, Set of 6

Vintage Collection 8"H 7 OZ

24K Platinum Wine Decanter

Romance Collection 14"H 47 OZ

ALYA Champagne Glass, 24K Gold, Set Of 6

The Alya design features a delicate floral pattern, framed with 24K gold and a gold accented stem making this champagne glass a whimsical and extra-special bridal shower or engagement gift for your favorite couple.

Appalachia Champagne Glass, 24K Gold, set Of 6

A delicate, Gold accented stem topped with a double Banded 24K gold crystal makes the Appalachia champagne glass an ideal accent on the head table that can be used to recreate your first bridal toast year-after-year on your anniversary.

Atlanta Champagne Glasses, 24K Gold, Set of 6

Opulent and fine-cut, this luxe 24K gold crystal Atlanta collection is designed with striking simplicity. A twinkling golden base lends a memorable sparkle and shine to this elegant set of Glazze champagne flutes.

Atlanta Champagne Glasses, 24K Platinum, Set of 6

The Atlanta Collection combines the contemporary styling and signature brilliance of Glazze’s classic crystal champagne designs with a lavishly edgy, platinum painted stem that creates an opulent statement for weddings, parties or any of your memorable moments.

Atlanta Red Wine Glasses,24K Gold, Set of 6

The Atlanta 24K Gold Collection is contemporary in design and features an opulently radiant stem, a clear, delicate bowl, deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile.

Prestige Champagne Glasses, 24K Gold, Set of 6

This spectacular set of Glazze champagne Flutes is delicately studded with 24K gold patterns inspired by romance and love. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth anniversary, raise a toast with glasses that feature the characteristic weight of Glazze’s hand-crafted, fine crystal ideal for serving champagne or sparkling wine. 10"H 7 OZ