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Everyone has a story. Everything has one too, except we tend to overlook the details which lead to great inventions. With Glazze, it took an entire shelf of high end glassware to break for us to research and cultivate a brand that would make the grade for a connoisseur of the arts. Glazze’s CEO dates his findings to the accident that heralded his entry into an industry that was previously just a passion. Some visions never make it past a dream, but we’re glad we sourced, selected and cultivated a brand that defines the very rules of etiquette.

‘Be useful, but beautiful. Gracious, yet polite.’

Our iconic collections are just that and more. The team at Glazze not only knows good business smarts, they also appreciate design on many levels and styles. The catch 22 of the broken glass beginning was a realization that there was no access for moderately priced and attractive luxury stemware. The solution? Finding the art and hiring the artist.

Just like that, a following was born. From our facility back in Istanbul, premium grade design meets skilled handiwork and we love the way artwork is shipped globally and enjoyed universally.