Appalachia Collection

Jagged is a great way to depict the natural formation and hand carvings of one of our most coveted collections yet. With Appalachia, our artisans rely on the sixth sense of design formation for a most exclusive display of hand cut with an edge. Every glass is unique in its crystalline angles and design, following patterns which are cognizant of the natural landmarks they represent. With mountain peaks and natural rock deposits as our inspiration, the beauty is in the element of surprise. Asymmetrical and purposefully uneven, make note of the sturdy glass which allows more hold for a lifetime of design. A cohesive artwork of skill and speculation makes these stemmed and stationary glassware a prized collection.

Glazze crystals are designed for hand wash only. Dishwasher use may erode color and harshly impact the designs on our glassware. Handle with care.

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