Romance Gold Collection

Rippling waters, serene and peaceful. That’s the vibe which our Romance collection personifies. With wave patterns etched along each surface of glass, a harmonious backdrop lends an air of aristocratic design. Dare to be entranced in the rise and ebb of the tide as you raise your glass for a toast. We truly have mastered design with an irrefutable edge and we invite you to serve surfside. A great choice for bridal events, Romance lends an air of peace and tranquility in the presence of dominant royalty. Gold just can’t help being the center of attraction, even in the midst of oyster and sand. Find your sense of style with table decor that will take your breath away.

Glazze crystals are designed for hand wash only. Dishwasher use may erode color and harshly impact the designs on our glassware. Handle with care.

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